We offer our customers the ability to change the PHP version and libraries available to files on their account, as well as their unique PHP settings. This allows all different kinds of web applications to be run on a single server without forcing specific versions of software on all customers, ignoring updates, or adding potentially incompatible libraries. This article will give a brief overview of how to use the system.

1. To get started, click the "MultiPHP Manager" icon inside cPanel. It is under the "Software" tab (pictured below).

2. Once you've entered the MultiPHP interface, you should check the domain for which you want to change the PHP version, then go to the top-right drop-down menu and select the desired PHP version:

3. To change PHP settings, select MultiPHP INI Editor on the cPanel dashboard next to MultiPHP Manager, shown below:

4. To change your settings, select your domain and you have the ability to change the required parameters:

Note: Be sure you are aware of the implications of any changes you make here - this article assumes that there is a particular, documented version of PHP and/or libraries that your website requires. If you require further modules to be installed, please open a support ticket with us.