When debugging a smartCARS issue or submitting a support request to TFDi Design staff or your airline's administrators, the log files generated by smartCARS can be crucial. 


The log files for the airline-specific copy of smartCARS you are running can be found in its program directory, in the logs folder. The program directory, by default, is C:\Program Files (x86)\smartCARS\{your airline's unique ID code} on 64bit systems. On 32bit systems, it will be C:\Program Files\smartCARS\{your airline's unique ID code}. Inside that folder, there will be a "logs" directory. In the logs directory, browse to the folder that corresponds with the date of the log you're trying to locate. Inside that folder, there will be a separate log file for each time smartCARS was opened that day. The filename for each of these logs corresponds to the time they were created. If possible, please include the log(s) with your support request.