Starting with smartCARS 2, we added support for full-program translations. This lets airlines offer smartCARS to their pilots in their native language. A user can install smartCARS in multiple languages for the same airline and use them interchangeably. We rely on native speakers of the languages to translate smartCARS, instead of using automated tools. We choose to do this to preserve the integrity of the language and to ensure the original meaning of the content is accurately translated. This article explains the process required to translate the smartCARS language files and submit them to us.


1. Establish a way to edit the language files. Our language files are stored as something called Resource Files (.resx). These are XML-like documents that CAN be edited with any text editor, however, we recommend the use of "Simple Resx Editor", available via http://simpleresxeditor.blogspot.com/.

2. Download the smartCARS language files, available here: https://tfdidesign.com/dl.php?type=d&id=21. There are two language files included in the zip file, en-US_installer.resx and en-US_client.resx. These files hold the language data for the installer and smartCARS client, respectively.

3. Using your resource file editor, change the value of each string in the language files to its equivalent in your language. Do not ever change the "name" property of a string. Some strings have variables surrounded by two pound signs (i.e. ##LDGRTE##) - these can be left as is, as they will be replaced by real values at runtime by our code.

4. When both files have been translated, send the translated .resx files to us either via support ticket or by emailing them to admin@tfdidesign.com. Please be sure to specify what language the files have been translated to, including the dialect (i.e. do not simply say "Chinese", but "Mandarin Chinese").

Once we receive the .resx files, we will review them and add them to smartCARS and the installer. Once this has happened, a download link to smartCARS in the new language will be available via the client area customization panel for license holders.


  • The method and technology used to translate smartCARS are brand new at TFDi Design. The translation system of smartCARS should be considered a beta, at this stage. This means that some elements of the interface may not be properly translated or respond strangely to language changes. If you encounter any issues with a translated version of smartCARS, please report it to us either via support ticket or email (support@tfdidesign.com).
  • When a new version of smartCARS is released, if any changes have been made to the language files, the update will be deployed in English first. We will upload the new versions of the language files should any changes be needed. As we receive translated language files, we will deploy smartCARS in that language and the new version will become available in that language.