When attempting to start a flight with smartCARS, there is a pop-up message saying that "You must be at the departure airport to start your flight" and the flight will not start.


Assuming you are indeed at the correct destination airport according to your simulator, this occurs when the location of the airport is not the same as the website location.


Check whether you have scenery which does not match with real world scenery.

- Please report this issue to your airline administrators with the airport you are experiencing issues with. You may wish to provide this article.

Airline Administrators:

- Check and correct the latitude and longitude of the airport that you experienced the issue via your website backend.

  You can verify the latitude and longitude co-ordinates here.

- Compare this latitude and longitude co-ordinates with your backend and correct if needed.

- If the issue is with scenery, you will need to decide whether you match the scenery or require different scenery to be used.