The Problem
After logging in, the login form disappears and smartCARS closes (the main form never appears) or once logged in, the radio does not work.

The Resolution
1. Go to Start, type "Run", and open the "Run" application (this can be accessed quickly by pressing the Windows Key and the "R" key at the same time).
2. Enter "C:\Windows\System32\OptionalFeatures.exe" in the box and press "OK".
3. Expand "Media Features" box by clicking the plus next to it.
4. Check the "Windows Media Player" box.
5. Click "OK" and follow any additional on-screen instructions.

The Explanation
smartCARS uses the Windows Media Player system to power the radio player. On systems that have Windows Media Player disabled, when smartCARS tries to initialize the radio player system, it may close. If smartCARS does open without Windows Media Player, the radio player may not work. Performing the above steps enables Windows Media Player.

Note: if the above resolution does not fix the problem, contact technical support.